Meditation: The healing benefits and why you should be including it in your daily life


Meditation is an excellent tool/way of life that can significantly decrease stress levels, promote relaxation and deep levels of focus by recalabarating the mind through deep breathing intervals, relaxation and focus of the mind. By relaxing the body while breathing slowly and deeply, the mind will adapt as well by increasing blood flow to your brain, deep intervals of practice can literally increase your brain waves of positive frequencies promoting mindfulness or heightened awareness, a sense of clarity, elevated consciousness, state of reflection, deeper understanding, positive self talk, thoughts, and intentions, wisdom of the astral body and cosmic world which you are made of. Daily practice of meditation practice helps to maintain a sense of inner peace and equilibrium between the body, mind and soul. When done properly and taken serious, the healing properties can be transformational in your life and truly magical. The deeper you can get into meditation, the better the results you will begin to notice rapidly in your life. It can be difficult to stay committed and dedicated to the practice daily when your brain is not used to it in the begining or simply not enough knowledge of the tools available to you to achieve the amazing results that meditation can bring to your life.

Once you can learn to settle and clear the mind through complete focus, detachment of the material world and tap into spirit, you can literally change your perception from negative to positive by going within and becoming conscious , a new level of awareness can destroy all of the lower vibrational negativity, breaking through barriers of mental conditioning induced by society. One can receive a broader perspective on the experience of life and free the mind of limiting beliefs or behavior that no longer serve you and your highest good. Meditation has been known to be in the daily routine of some of the worlds most successful people. It is an ancient practice that is becoming more and more relevent today due to the common mental slavery in todays world. Do you feel like you are disconnected from your truth, experiencing symptoms of or diagnosed with depression, anxiety, ADHD, or any other mental and or physical illness then you can benefit from meditation!

The healing powers this practice contains are ultimately miraculous. There are many different types and techniques you can try with meditation. Some beginners like to start off with a guided meditation, there are many different kinds for your different needs that you can find on youtube. I will include a few links below that may suit your needs.

Once you can get comfortable with meditation, you can try free styling by an starting with an extended interval of deep breathing, positive mental affirmations and for maximum results adding binaural healing frequency instrumental/ beats to your meditation practice. Did you know that you can physically heal your mind, body and soul through the power of listening to binaural beats or healing frequencies by increasing your positive brainwaves ? There is an endless supply of unique healing frequencies that you can listen to that can aid in your meditation promoting peace, harmony and positive transformation in your life. There is scientific evidence backing this up! Listening to theta frequencies while meditating can rewire the neoropathways in your brain therefore promoting healing, relaxation and focus. They can even clear the energy in your home and your aura (energetic field which contains the essence of the soul). This is one of the simplest ways I have introduced to myself and stayed consistent with my meditation practice daily because of the fact that the beats are working without you really having to try all that hard by carrying you through the meditation through the magic of the music. You can play them on in the background while working, sleeping ( some beats can even help promote a good nights rest), or studying. I will include a few of my favorite binaural beats to work with below.

You must truly know yourself to master yourself. To be a master of your SELF is to be a master of your BODY, MIND, SOUL, THOUGHTS, FEELINGS, EMOTIONS, INTELLECT, AND HEARTFELT ACTIONS! Mastering your own meditation practice is the sacred balance between the MIND and THE HEART, the union of the BODY, MIND and SOUL! It is the realization that YOU define yourself, and what you focus on, grows. So be mindful of all things righteously and please know that you do have the power within you to free yourself of all negative aspects of your self, the subconscious mental conditioning beneath the surface and TRANSFORM your life. Once you can adapt to the new brainwaves and transcend the shadow aspect of your self by becoming consciously aware and accessing the subconscious mind through this ancient, sacred practice… you gain true control of your life, you take your power back by actively clearing and resetting the mind. These extended periods of focus and deep meditation WILL literally reset and reprogram your mind through positive intentions. It is important to your vital health. Including positive affirmations can help you accelerate and switch to a healthier state of mind and well being.

Meditation IS a form of prayer, It is in fact the simplest and most effective way to pray and coexist in oneness with the universe, the great spirit or collective consciousness. Seek and you will find. The light is within you, guiding you, preparing you for more. I encourage you to incorporating some type of meditation into your daily life. Once a day, A couple times a week, or even once a week can and will heal and transform your life in all areas. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope that you find the courage to navigate through any blocks you may be facing on your unique journey. Praying clarity, wisdom, peace, harmony and health in all of your lives. If you would like to consult me for a more productive meditation practice please feel free to reach out to me at ! ~Zoe Wonders Wellness coach and Spiritual Guidance consultant

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