Meditation: The healing benefits and why you should be including it in your daily life


Meditation is an excellent tool/way of life that can significantly decrease stress levels, promote relaxation and deep levels of focus by recalabarating the mind through deep breathing intervals, relaxation and focus of the mind. By relaxing the body while breathing slowly and deeply, the mind will adapt as well by increasing blood flow to your brain, deep intervals of practice can literally increase your brain waves of positive frequencies promoting mindfulness or heightened awareness, a sense of clarity, elevated consciousness, state of reflection, deeper understanding, positive self talk, thoughts, and intentions, wisdom of the astral body and cosmic world which you are made of. Daily practice of meditation practice helps to maintain a sense of inner peace and equilibrium between the body, mind and soul. When done properly and taken serious, the healing properties can be transformational in your life and truly magical. The deeper you can get into meditation, the better the results you will begin to notice rapidly in your life. It can be difficult to stay committed and dedicated to the practice daily when your brain is not used to it in the begining or simply not enough knowledge of the tools available to you to achieve the amazing results that meditation can bring to your life.

Once you can learn to settle and clear the mind through complete focus, detachment of the material world and tap into spirit, you can literally change your perception from negative to positive by going within and becoming conscious , a new level of awareness can destroy all of the lower vibrational negativity, breaking through barriers of mental conditioning induced by society. One can receive a broader perspective on the experience of life and free the mind of limiting beliefs or behavior that no longer serve you and your highest good. Meditation has been known to be in the daily routine of some of the worlds most successful people. It is an ancient practice that is becoming more and more relevent today due to the common mental slavery in todays world. Do you feel like you are disconnected from your truth, experiencing symptoms of or diagnosed with depression, anxiety, ADHD, or any other mental and or physical illness then you can benefit from meditation!

The healing powers this practice contains are ultimately miraculous. There are many different types and techniques you can try with meditation. Some beginners like to start off with a guided meditation, there are many different kinds for your different needs that you can find on youtube. I will include a few links below that may suit your needs.

Once you can get comfortable with meditation, you can try free styling by an starting with an extended interval of deep breathing, positive mental affirmations and for maximum results adding binaural healing frequency instrumental/ beats to your meditation practice. Did you know that you can physically heal your mind, body and soul through the power of listening to binaural beats or healing frequencies by increasing your positive brainwaves ? There is an endless supply of unique healing frequencies that you can listen to that can aid in your meditation promoting peace, harmony and positive transformation in your life. There is scientific evidence backing this up! Listening to theta frequencies while meditating can rewire the neoropathways in your brain therefore promoting healing, relaxation and focus. They can even clear the energy in your home and your aura (energetic field which contains the essence of the soul). This is one of the simplest ways I have introduced to myself and stayed consistent with my meditation practice daily because of the fact that the beats are working without you really having to try all that hard by carrying you through the meditation through the magic of the music. You can play them on in the background while working, sleeping ( some beats can even help promote a good nights rest), or studying. I will include a few of my favorite binaural beats to work with below.

You must truly know yourself to master yourself. To be a master of your SELF is to be a master of your BODY, MIND, SOUL, THOUGHTS, FEELINGS, EMOTIONS, INTELLECT, AND HEARTFELT ACTIONS! Mastering your own meditation practice is the sacred balance between the MIND and THE HEART, the union of the BODY, MIND and SOUL! It is the realization that YOU define yourself, and what you focus on, grows. So be mindful of all things righteously and please know that you do have the power within you to free yourself of all negative aspects of your self, the subconscious mental conditioning beneath the surface and TRANSFORM your life. Once you can adapt to the new brainwaves and transcend the shadow aspect of your self by becoming consciously aware and accessing the subconscious mind through this ancient, sacred practice… you gain true control of your life, you take your power back by actively clearing and resetting the mind. These extended periods of focus and deep meditation WILL literally reset and reprogram your mind through positive intentions. It is important to your vital health. Including positive affirmations can help you accelerate and switch to a healthier state of mind and well being.

Meditation IS a form of prayer, It is in fact the simplest and most effective way to pray and coexist in oneness with the universe, the great spirit or collective consciousness. Seek and you will find. The light is within you, guiding you, preparing you for more. I encourage you to incorporating some type of meditation into your daily life. Once a day, A couple times a week, or even once a week can and will heal and transform your life in all areas. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope that you find the courage to navigate through any blocks you may be facing on your unique journey. Praying clarity, wisdom, peace, harmony and health in all of your lives. If you would like to consult me for a more productive meditation practice please feel free to reach out to me at ! ~Zoe Wonders Wellness coach and Spiritual Guidance consultant

Reset your body+brain -Vegan Cleanse

Switching to a vegan diet has many benefits altogether through detoxing/ cleansing the body from harmful chemicals + toxins that reside in meat and dairy that cause many nasty side effects and long term detrimental illnesses. The benefits to this cleanse are,

A) Feeling more energized πŸ˜Ž 
B ) Gain mental clarity (clear minded”)πŸ€“
C ) Feeling more motivated/ focused🀩
D )Significant weight loss πŸ₯°

It also has been known to helps aid depression, clear up skin and promote healthier hair, skin and nails πŸ˜‡

All I ask is that you commit yourself to this cleanse for at least 3 days, check in with me how you are feeling and answer my before and after questionaire ( I will send these out when we start on Monday as well as add you to the group)

Here’s what you will need.

For best results drink 1 gallon of FILTERED, ALKALINE water A DAY (how ever gallons total days you would like to detox) which aids in not only weight loss but liver health, digestive health, detoxification, brain health, bone health, PH balance, cholesterol reduction and energy levels!

LEMONS (At least 1 per day) πŸ‹ (Aids Digestion, Promotes Weight loss, Flushes Organs of toxins)

GREEN TEA 🍡 Drink at least a 2-3 cups a day with lemon + ginger

4. GINGER πŸ’›

FRUITS & VEGETABLES 🍏 πŸ₯’ (Organic if possible)

This includes any kind of raw fruit you would like for breakfast (you can add oatmeal with this if you would like) , leafy greens and all items you would like to include in your salads, celery + hummus for a mid day snack and black beans for dinner, I also recommend a bag of frozen vegetables and peppers + onions if you’d like to substitute a vegetable stir fry for lunch or dinner.

Option to include smoothies/juices just make sure that you are drinking adequate galloon of water and green tea ✨

For maximum results you can add superfood powder to your smoothies which includes all of the most powerful superfoods and vitamins I highly recommend this.

If you have any questions or concerns with this guide please contact me at, my personal page or phone number. If need be I can make any moderations for your personal dietary needs. A questionnaire will be provided once you confirm you have all the items on the list and are ready to start on Monday! This cleanse lasts at least 3 days or as long as you would like/ feel necessary. You do not have to completely switch to a vegan diet but I encourage you to follow through with this just to see the amazing results it can bring for your body and mind!! βœ¨πŸ’›βœ¨

I am here to support you on your journey to a healthier, happier you! β˜ΊοΈπŸ’š

Dealing with Depression Naturally

A staggering 70% of people on earth report that they are unhappy, suffering and battling depression and struggling with their mental health. People all over the world are unsatisfied with their living conditions, uncomfortable in their own skin, miserable at their jobs, unhappy in their realationships, family life etc, suffering from things like PTSD or other mental illnesses, eating disorders and addictions resulting in vicious mental health cycles. It is time we change our approach on the way we think about, the way we approach and the way we cope and deal with depression. There are many different kinds and causes of depressions. There are people that deal with seasonal depression from lack of sunlight, lack of exercise, excessive screen time, depression due to grief, loss or trauma, stress, and depression caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. When taking the initiative to treat depression, it’s important to narrow down the causes to better fit a treatment plan. There are many different natural treatments and resolutions to depression, although drugs and medications seem to be a modern reliable way to numb the mind and stabilize the emotions, they will only work to “numb” us of the unresolved pain, emotions, and bad habits we’ve been holding onto. Until we take the initiative to recognize the imbalances in our life, dedicate to the changes and truly heal, our mind will shut down and remain a cold shell and downward spiral because we failed to recognize and treat the root causes of our unhappiness.

According to, A chemical imbalance in the brain, which is the main cause of depression is said to occur when there’s too little of certain chemicals, called neurotransmitters, in the brain. Neurotransmitters are natural chemicals that help facilitate communication between your nerve cells. Examples include norepinephrine and serotonin which is the happy boosting chemicals of your brain. It’s often said that mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety, are caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. The hypothesis is sometimes called the chemical imbalance hypothesis or chemical imbalance theory. If you’re wondering if the symptoms you’re having are caused by a chemical imbalance, it’s important to know that there’s quite a bit of controversy surrounding this theory. In fact, it’s been largely refuted by the medical community. Researchers argue that the chemical imbalance hypothesis is more of a figure of speech. It doesn’t really capture the true complexity of these disorders. In other words, mental disorders aren’t simply caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. There’s a lot more to them.

Researchers hypothesized that lower-than-normal levels of neurotransmitters can lead to symptoms such as:

feelings of sadness, helplessness, worthlessness, or emptiness

overeating or loss of appetite

insomnia or sleeping too much



a feeling of impending doom or danger

lack of energy

distancing yourself from others

feeling numbness or lacking empathy

extreme mood swings

inability to concentrate

thoughts of hurting yourself or others

being unable to carry out day-to-day activities,

hearing voices in your head,

alcohol or drug abuse

As you can see in the diagram above there is less neural activity in the depressed brain. So, what’s going on? Why is this happening? Depression is the routine activation of certain brain circuits, which we all have, in specific patterns that result in depressive symptoms in a person. This can be a result in many for many different reasons, if you are a victim of trauma or any other type of experience that may have thrown off the wavelengths in your brain I encourage you to seek some sort of professional therapy or counseling. Find somebody you can trust that you can talk to so that you can process your experiences and move on to better serve you in your path to healing. Positive, genuine support is essential for your mental health. So is developing healthy habits and coping mechanisms to keep your brain stimulated and regulate your neurotransmitters or happy hormones. In the following paragraph I’m going to include a few realistic, helpful and healthy techniques, coping skills and activities which can aid your mental health by increasing levels of neurotransmitters and the happy chemicals in your brain.

Find some type of hobby that best suits your interests and needs in expressing your emotions. I enjoy practicing daily journaling and free writing exercises allowing my thoughts to flow and analyzing my strengths and weaknesses throughout the process. Journaling is a great way to let things out and truly explore the mind and get to know and connect with your self better. The practice can go as deep and intimate as you would like and you do not have to share with anyone, or you could start a blog, relate and connect with others like you. You never know, you might save some one’s life by opening up and being honest writing about the challenges you have been facing. Another hobby I truly enjoy that has helped me so much on my path to wellness is arts 🎭 & crafts. There are SO many different types of activities such as painting which is a great emotional outlet, pottery which can have positive calming effects on the mind, even knitting has been known to ease the mind. You can start with just a pen and paper, or you can find your local hobby lobby and gather some supplies and invite your friends and family to join you. The possibilities are endless.

Keeping the brain active is just as important for your mental health as staying physically active. At least a few hours a day of exercise can help increase those neurotransmitters or endorphins in your brain in charge of regulating your mood and elevating your happiness and brain function. Activities like attending a local yoga or dance studio near you, working out, lifting weights, playing a sport of your choice, going on a run or even just taking a walk can make a positive difference in your mental health. It is healthy to work off those suppressed emotions and stress in our daily lives. If you are suffering from anxiety or can’t afford to join a local gym, try exploring some exercise, yoga or dance videos online to get you started but I do recumbent getting active and involved in your communities for best results. If you are lacking energy try introducing more fruits and vegetables in your diet instead of meat, carbs, grains and sweets. A cleaner diet can help clear your mind and give you that boost you need to function better.

There are many different herbal remedies for depression a few of my favorites are Ginkgo Bilopa and Kava which can be sold at your local vitamin shoppe or GNC. Chamomile tea is another one of my go to’s when I’m feeling down. Another wonderful remedy for depression is the use of essential oils. I love the smell of lavender which really helps relax me and ease my mind. The use of different herbal supplements, teas and essential oils are great stress relievers by naturally easing the mind and regulating your happy hormones unlike sugar and coffee which can cause you to crash later on, they are completely safe and effective ways to combat depression.

You are never alone. Even if it feels like you are too far gone to ever turn things around, that is never the truth. Remember these few tips and please know that you are so capable of great things and worthy of love and happiness. If you are struggling with your mental health please feel free to reach out to me with any questions comments or concerns at I am here for you, I believe in you and I hope these simple tips can help.

Hope for the Hopeless


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Greetings humans, earth angels, light bearers and seeds of the world. I would first like to welcome you to my page. I created SoulShifting to share the knowledge and the wisdom that I’ve attained throughout my soul journey and experiences in life. Life can be confusing and Soul-connection and community is incredibly important to build, maintain and grow at our ultimate potential on this planet. We were created to be in union with each other, and the divine. Each and every single one of us is born a unique being, a spirit blessed with our very own vision, gifts and senses to be in communion with the world. To make the world a better place. Its almost impossible not to get lost in the ordinary, what we have grown to accept and perceive to be “normal” for most of us, is only a fraction of the truth. We all come from different places and backgrounds in life, there are nearly 200 nations on the planet, an estimated 8 billion people sharing one planet, yet so many of us earthlings are struggling to find completion and happiness. These struggles are an epidemic, there is a lack of belief in this world. We do not believe we are good enough, worthy enough, beautiful enough, smart enough, powerful enough, strong enough, even though we were born with everything we need.. a beating heart to feel, a brain to think, and eyes to see. Yet the majority of us are still not seeing the big picture because we think that our life has no purpose, and we can’t find a meaning for our life other than surviving. We are all fighting to survive, but are we fighting to thrive? We are experiencing a seriously alarming and wicked mental health epidemic. Whether you choose to be conscious of it or not, we are all programmed by our perceptions and experiences from birth, and it’s not just our own experiences that effect our mental health, it is the imprint left on humanity by the generations that came before us. It’s so important to achieve and maintain a healthy level of peace among the chaos to adapt and evolve consciously.


Were continuously waiting for something to happen to fulfill us, waiting for pay day, waiting for a new job or degree, waiting to find true love, for our efforts to pay off, to achieve success like we don’t already hold that universal completion inside us. We find ourselves so caught up in what we do not have, that we forget what we do have. Life may not have painted the beautiful picture you imagined for yourself quite yet, but as long as your breathing you hold that canvas in your minds eye to create that which you desire. There is no map in life greater than the human mind. There are twists and turns on the road, but we cannot forget where we are going, what we are fighting for and give up on ourselves. They did not have satellites, internet or gps back in the days.. we navigated by looking up at the sky, analyzing our directions and following the stars. If the there was no pavement we created our own path.


Let light lead the way in dark times. Gods greatest invention was the imagination, if we cannot see ourselves exactly where we would like to be, the imagination if potent enough and used wisely and intentionally, can provide a detour. Techniques such as meditation are used in variations to clarify the thoughts, and amplify the mind therefore fulfilling a greater potential in many of the worlds successful people. (refer to my home page for article on meditation)


One of my favorite quotes from one of the worlds greatest, well known scientist Albert Einstein was that “Imagination is more important than knowledge because knowledge is limited but imagination illuminates the world.” One of his most revolutionary quotes was that we cannot do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.. there is nothing but pure truth in that.


None of us would make it in life if we did not take action. This starts with the self exploration of the mind which as long as you are alive will be connected to the universe aka source The Great Creator or “God”, the gateway between the physical and the spiritual. This is why many people find prayer or meditation helpful.. the more you do it, the better you get at it.. it is the ability to think and speak things to existence by sending positive vibrations out into the universe.


Now is the time to embrace the mysterious and get in tune with our souls and in touch with who we were created to be, and why we incarnated on this planet at this particular time. This is the golden age, we have the whole entire world at the tip of our fingers. Einstein feared that one day technology would surpass human interaction. Many of us are so addicted and attached to the stimulation of the online entertainment world that we unconsciously trade that for our very own lives, relationships and success.


Some of the worlds greatest inventors did not have the internet or television to guide them.. they had to think for themselves. They had to BELIEVE in something bigger than them. Since technology has advanced we have all of this information at our finger tips but none of the brain power to use it for what its truly worth. You can literally gain a solid education and teach yourself to do almost anything online. This is one of our greatest advantages. What will we do with the power that we have been given? Will we continue to be in state of lack or will we awaken to our true potential as spiritual beings. Well the truth is, it is entirely up to us. The human mind is much more powerful than we give credit. It has the power to create and destroy. You have a choice how you would like to use it, and that is the most beautiful blessing after all.


When all else fails, turn on the light. It will guide you home to a happier, healthier you. Sending you healing, positive, healing vibrations as this takes off. May you experience infinite peace, love, hope, health, harmony and many breakthroughs this holiday season. Praying blessings of all kinds onto your life. If you have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to reach out to me at my email